Winter 2007-2008

Issued 25 Aug 2007

Forecast period

Forecast Temperatures

Forecast Precipitation

Primary Reasoning(s)

Forecast Verification (0-2 points)

Dec 07 – Feb 08

CPC Much warmer

CPC normal

Predict both warmer and wetter, but by less than 0.5σ, based on A and G type anomalies

Normal – 2 (+/- 0.0°)
Wetter – 0 (+3.85”)
Climo 2 / 0
CPC 0/0


NOTE: These are our forecasts and they are based on the information found in several publications on the Climate Group's website (see Climate Variability section). One should not consider that these will be 100% reliable. Also, they forecast the AGGREGATE statistical character of the summer (June, July, August) or winter (December, January, February) season. This does not mean that warm and cold spells, wet and dry spells will not all occur in one month or season. Please use with caution.

If you have any questions contact me at LupoA [at] missouri [dot] edu.